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Yeah, yeah ... BAR (not MEC), thats what I meant! Thanks, Terry.


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<<On close inspection of the cars back around 1995, a couple of the cars had

Bangor & Aroostook heralds peeling through the paint.

Due to their position in the bush, the cars were difficult to photograph:

Terry Link

Bramalea, Ontario, Canada

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<< And speaking of odd military cars, there used to be a whole string of
36' single-sheathed army boxcars sitting among the trees at Mt. Union,
Pennsylvania, hard by the old East Broad Top engine house. These were
standard gauge, and not equipped for overseas operation. I've heard the
area is now a shopping center, so I suppose they are all gone. >>
Chris Barkan replied:

I always thought those Mt. Union cars looked like those 36' MEC boxcars

seemed to be around pretty late. Does anybody know what their heritageis
(was)? Did the Army get them from the MEC, someone else, or were they
built new

for them?

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