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Clyde Williams <billdgoat@...>

I have some old (1968) brass B&O M-53 wagontop boxcars. New info,
RPCyc., tells me that they not only need to be re-decaled to the
original lettering scheme but also need the original flat doors to
replace the Youngstown doors on the model.
I contacted CHS, which makes kits for these cars but was told that
they didn't sell individual parts. I thought that one of the reasons
for keeping kits, not all RTR, is to get parts from kit makers. Guess
not always, huh!? Hey, it's still before midnight!
Anyhow, does anybody know where I could get the original doors for
the M-53s? I tried Walthers, lots of parts listed but not these.
Also, with Champ "still in business" but with a very limited choice
of decals, who, if anybody, is their replacement for a good selection
of steam era decals? If there is (are) any, where can I get their
Bill Williams

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