Re: Rotting Steam Era cars

Chris Atkins

Hi Phil,

These cars are real gems. Unfortunately, it had been painted over.
85156 was 8-58 85138 was 7-58. I also have a photo of CSP 85127 in Q
paint that I took in 2002. It also seems to be painted over. I added
a couple photos from 2002 to the Webshots page.

Take care,

Chris Atkins

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The CB&Q LO, numbered "CSP 85180": do you know the build date
this car? I've got some photos of this style of car built for
and for Wabash in 1954, but can't read the build date on the photo
the Burlington car. Would be nice to have one or two of these if
date is right.


Phil Buchwald

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For those that can't wait, it just so happens that I uploaded
from Snoqualmie to my Webshots page last night. Unfortunately,
didn't get
up there until Sunday, so we had to share the track with Thomas
Engine. This somewhat limited my angles to the road side.

The NP caboose was on the far track, luckily there is a better
example of an
NP bay window caboose at the depot in Billings, MT.

There are also some other freight car shots in the group from
Pasco, WA.

Chris Atkins
Lewisville, TX

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