Re: 1911 plug door box car?

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On Jul 29, 2004, at 7:39 AM, Andy Miller wrote:


I'm inclined to say "no". A plug door has to travel laterally to unplug.
The door supports on the bottom of this car door do not seem to allow for
this. Note also that the vertical rod does not go all the way to the bottom
to a track-riding lever arm, so it could not unplug the bottom of the door.

I've seen pictures of a PRR wooden car with a similar arrangement. If I can
recall where, I will investigate to see if that car could have been plug
door or did it too fail the test at the bottom.

I would regard this as an early plug door. It is clearly flush fitting and not hinged and as such must qualify (how else would it open?). The PRR cars you mention include the XL box car and subsequent camp car modifications. The PRR car door is an obvious improvement over the one being discussed as it has fastenings at both the top and bottom. See XL-vent_ME4336_A34_BillLane.jpg photo=xl_prr96451_strasburg.jpg

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