Cars of Interest - Pennsy Color Guide Volume 3

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PRR Color Guide Vol 3:

Some steam era cars of interest from a Morning Sun Color Guide!

p 56, PRR 59240, X32A, Philadelphia, PA, 3/28/1952
Several interesting cars - a SAL Class AF-1 round roof automobile
boxcar, a flatcar with an interesting electrical load, and a 40 ft IC
automobile boxcar on the High Line, and an NP 40 ft DS boxcar (with
black ends) and a freshly painted ACL postwar boxcar (with "dartnot"
ends) in the yard.

p 57, PRR 66727, Class X37A, Camden, NJ, 12/27/1954
SHPX 2351, an insulated tank car, silver "Anhydrous Ammonia" scheme.

p 58, PRR 37013, Class X40B, Lawrence, KS, c. 1955
Another intersting tank car - this time an Ethyl tank car coupled to
the left of the X40B.

p 101, PRR 478054, Class N8, Philadelphia Division, c. 1958
A B&LE ore jenny directly in front of the caboose. How did get so
far east?

Ben Hom

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