Seeking help to identify another WAG boxcar

Mark Heiden

Hello everyone,

Once again I need help to identify a Wellsville, Addison & Galeton
boxcar. The car in question is WAG 4103, a 40ft single-sheathed wood
boxcar with a six-foot wide wooden door, Murphy(?) ends, and a
lever-style handbrake. I've posted a photo of it in the files section
of the STMFPH group, file name WAG4103. The photo is grainy, so
here's some info from the 1958 ORER:

Series: 4100 to 4103 (4 cars)
IL: 40' 1"
IW: 8' 6"
IH: 8' 1"
CAPY: 2756 cu ft, or 80,000 lbs

The car appears as new in the July 1958 ORER. As usual, any help is
greatly appreciated.

Mark Heiden

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