Re: Accurail niche (was "Cash poor beginners")

Andy Miller <asmiller@...>

Ditto for Bowser. Bowser, Accurail, and Walthers own two lines will need
to replace Athearn and MDC as the entry products in Walthers line. That
covers the freight cars, but how does the local dealer replace the Athearn
blue box locos? Bachmann? Genesis locos can be replaced by P2K, Atlas, IM,
and others.


Andy Miller

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In musing over Horizon's exclusive distributorship of their Athearn and
Roundhouse lines last night, I was struck by the great opportunity this
might offer Accurail. As a local hobby dealer told me, he can't deal with
Horizon because of their high minimum order, so he will no longer be
stocking Athearn or Roundhouse at all. These two lines made up the majority
of his HO freight car stock. Assuming small family or one-man shops can
survive at all, they may be left with no alternative but to carry Accurail
products instead of Athearn or Roundhouse. While this isn't a particularly
good situation for the hobby as a whole, it could be a boon for Accurail.
They make a high quality product for the niche Accurail chooses to fill, and
their products are far more accurate that most Athearn and Roundhouse cars.

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

ed_mines wrote:

. . . I think Accurail offers some very nice, inexpensive cars - the
USRA hoppers for example. . . .

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