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I could use the help of you esteemed experts, on identifying a few cars, and
potentially any accompanying information you might have.

The photo is at the U of Pittsburgh's library site (I'm adding the spaces):

H t t p : / / I m a g e s . l I b r a r y . p i t t . e d u

Then go to the "Pittsburgh Photographers" folder and search for image
715.3841794.CP or "Warehouses Near P&LE Railroad". No, the gent is NOT
waiting for a commuter!

The reason I am so interested in this shot is that it is the only photo I
have ever seen of the PRR's 21st St Yard on the South Side of Pittsburgh,
particularly during this early time period. A little background:

You are looking over the P&LE main at a torn-up interchange between them and
the Allegheny & South Side Railroad (necessitated by the sewer line
replacement). The A&SS ends right here with their interchange with the
tracks of the PRR yard behind (maybe where the hopper is spotted). The
PRR's 21st Yard curves around from its origin behind that black crane
structure (in front of Consolidated Ice) to out of sight to the right edge
of the photo. Most tracks in that yard stub ended. Superior Iron & Wire
Works/Levinson Steel Co. in the center and right background owns those
cranes behind the Southern boxcar (they made trusses and supplied structural
steel to local manufacturers). The little structure behind the sewer
formwork in center left may be the 21st Yard office. The freight cars are
on the tracks of this PRR yard.

OK: What do you know about SOU 311006? Is it wood sheathed? Does any one
make a model of this car? I doubt it was in auto service this day, as there
are no auto unloading facilities on this branch. Gimbels Home Furnishing
may be a clue, but there was also Pittsburgh Terminal and Transfer out of
sight to the right (at the end of the A&SS). There was also at least one
lumber company off to the right. What do you think?

What do you know about URR (blocked first digit)281? It appears to have 13
ribs and a box end sill. Can you see anything inside this gon? Any ideas
on how to create one of these? Are there any photos/drawings of this class?
What color were URR gons in this era?

And finally, what is the PRR hopper on the far left? H21? GLA?

Any other ideas?


Elden Gatwood

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