Re: ID Help on cars and site c.1938

benjaminfrank_hom <b.hom@...>

Elden Gatwood asked:
"What do you know about SOU 311006? Is it wood sheathed? Does any one
make a model of this car? I doubt it was in auto service this day,
as there are no auto unloading facilities on this branch. Gimbels
Home Furnishing may be a clue, but there was also Pittsburgh Terminal
and Transfer out of sight to the right (at the end of the A&SS).
There was also at least one lumber company off to the right. What do
you think?"

SOU 311000-311499, double-sheathed auto/furniture boxcar, "squashed"
Dreadnaught ends, and Hutchins roof. Appears to be an
Automobile/Furniture version of 1925 ARA DS design. The Sunshine
37.x series models these cars (or a similar number series). If I
were a betting man, I'd put money on this car at the lumber company
or the furniture warehouse.

"And finally, what is the PRR hopper on the far left? H21? GLA?"

With only an end view, it's a toss-up. The trucks look more massive
than a 2D-F8 and COULD be Crown trucks, making this an H21A, but
that's a real SWAG.

Ben Hom

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