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Bob Johnson <bobjohnson@...>

Richard and list,

Regarding the trucks on PRR Class F22 and F23 flat cars, I agree with
Richard's comments about the appearance of the cast trucks. However,
there was no such class as 2DF4. PRR truck classification was a five
character system. The class was 2D-F4. The dash was not optional. It
meant the truck was equipped with standard ARA (later AAR) axles. A
number in the third position meant a deviation from standard.

All 124 F22 cars and all 6 F23 cars were built (in 1913) with arch bar
trucks of Class 2E1F1. These trucks had 5'-7" wheelbase and Number 8A
axles. The nominal capacity was 75 tons.

Beginning in 1924, the nominal capacity of some of the cars began to be
increased to 95 tons, presumably by change of trucks. All six F23 cars
were 95 ton by the end of 1925, but it took until early 1930 for all the
F22 cars to be so equipped. I don't know what truck class was used for
the early conversions. PRR truck classification drawing D70003B shows
Class 2F-F1 crown cast steel trucks as applied to F22 and F23 built
after 3-16-15. However, no F22 or F23 cars were built after 1913, so
this must have been an intention that was never carried out.
Furthermore, a note on a subsequent truck classification drawing
(D74604F 2-6-1929) states "F22 and F23 with 2F-F1 trucks have been
crossed off on account of this class of truck having never been applied
to these cars."

Drawing D74604G indicates that truck class 2F-F2 has been added for F22
and F23 and class 2E1F1 has been crossed off as of 12-16-29. Class
2F-F2 is the cast steel truck Richard described. It had a 5'-8"
wheelbase. A later truck classification drawing (C422800A 11-11-40)
shows that Class 2F-F2 could be equipped with either coil springs as
Richard described or with coil-elliptic springs. These latter had a
leaf or elliptic spring between the outer sets of coil springs. Photos
show both styles of springs in use.

Bob Johnson

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Paul, I have only one photo of these cars, showing PRR 435362 in the early
1940s, and it isn't loaded. However, the cast steel trucks are clearly
shown; they're basically a heavy duty, six-spring version of the PRR 2DF4
(or ARA Type Y). Probably the closest model truck in HO (not very close)
is the Eastern Car Works 70 ton truck. You can get a copy of the photo
from Jay Williams, who advertises regularly in Mainline Modeler as Big Four
Graphics. And I agree that the Tichy 100 ton arch bar truck is as close as
you're going get in HO scale to original trucks with which these cars were

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