Re: Barber trucks

Clark Propst <cepropst@...>

Tim O'Connor? wrote:
Clark, take a look at the Atlas 70 ton roller bearing truck, and
the venerable Athearn 70 ton roller bearing truck. They are both
quite similar in appearance to the Barber S-2 pictured in the
1961 Cyclopedia.

Thanks Tim, I will have my friend take a look at them.

Tony Thompson wrote:
Clark, the tonnage capacity and roller bearings have nothing to do
with the S2-A-0 (yes, that's a zero) designation. There were also
50-ton plain-bearing Barber S2-A-0 trucks. I don't disagree with the need
for the 70-ton RB trucks, only
commenting that S2-A-0 is not a sufficient description to get what you

All I had to go on is what is in Gene Green's CGW freight car 'color'
book. I thought the A-0 may have been for modifications to the S2
truck...dummy me.

Clark Propst
Mason city Iowa

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