Re: Modeling IC reefers w/ DW Ends

Andy Carlson

--- "Beckert, Shawn" <shawn.beckert@...> wrote:

All this may be wasted breath, as Details West has
discontinued their #DE-1000 "Refridgerator Car 4-4
Dreadnaught End,
Square Corner Post".
I may have something to say about this.

Terry Wegmann told me just last week that the ends and
ladders he sells to DW are slowing down in sales, but
that they will remain available for the near future.

The DW 4/4 EDEs were originally produced for
converting Athearn Reefers into something close to a
R-40-10. Besides the square corner end Shawn refers
to, DW also has a Round corner 4/4 EDE, an end also
used as a pattern for many of Al's and Martin's
products. This end is still available.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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