Re: Cuban Freight Cars

Garth Groff <ggg9y@...>


The West Indies Fruit & Steamship Co. ran a ferry service from Florida to Havana, and had a modest roster of boxcars and reefers. I believe this was a subsidiary of the Florida East Coast.

I don't know if any cars of strictly Cuban roads ran in the U.S. No Cuban lines are listed in my 1958 ORER, and so it is a sure bet that by then no Cuban cars were interchanged (if they ever were). A check of earlier ORERs might turn up something. From what I've seen in photos, most Cuban equipment was pretty primative and probably wouldn't have met U.S. safety standards.

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richtownsend@... wrote:

Did any Cuban freight cars make it to the US on the pre-Castro car ferries, or was it all US cars?

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