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Andy Miller <asmiller@...>

Looking at the colors of the drawings that they posted on their website
before the models were available to photograph, it appears that BLI intended
to paint the PRR K7a in the nearly correct "Seriously Orange" freight car
color and the GN version in Chinese red. Since their photos now show the GN
Car in something approximating PRR freight car color, perhaps all the cars
pictured are too dark from poor color renditioning in the photography.


Andy Miller

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The following exchanged developed over on the PRR-talk list regarding the
photos posted on the BLI website regarding the PRR class K7 stock cars. Ben
Hom privately posted a photo to photo comparison for the car (model Vs.
prototype) and not only have many of us agreed that the color is muttled but
the lettering is drasticly wrong as well. There is some hopeful anticipation
that these are just hand lettering mock up's of the car prior to release and
that this will be corrected. If not I would say the car will require being
stripped and repainted in oreder to correct the brutal errors...

How they could get this so completely incorrect is beyond me. There is a
PRRT&HS Modeling committee to avoid such mistakes... ALL MANUFACTURERS are

Greg Martin

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