Re: [PRR] BLI K7 Stock Car Pictures


Greg Martin wrote:
. . . regarding the PRR class K7 stock cars . . . many of us agreed
that the color is muttled but the lettering is drasticly wrong as
well. There is some hopeful anticipation that these are just hand
lettering mock up's of the car prior to release and that this will be
corrected. If not I would say the car will require being stripped and
repainted in oreder to correct the brutal errors...
How they could get this so completely incorrect is beyond me. There is
a PRRT&HS Modeling committee to avoid such mistakes...
Tony replied:
Maybe BLI are taking car-decoration lessons from the good folks at
And perhaps door hardware lessons fron Athearn Blue box? I'm also
concerned about the oversized door tracks and door hangers, an obvious
expedient for making the doors movable.

Bruce Smith
Auburn AL

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