Re: Gun Flats

Bob Johnson <bobjohnson@...>

Paul and list,

There's a problem with a PRR F23 being acquired by the MC&CL before
WWII. All six Class F23 cars were still in service on the PRR as late
as 10-1-1952 according to internal PRR reports on file in the PA State
Archives. One was dropped from the roster during the month of October
1952. It seems unlikely that anyone could have pulled a LaSalle &
Bureau County-type theft and have hidden the car for over 11 years while
the Pennsy continued to carry it on the books. That sort of thing
happened in Penn Central days. If the car is a PRR F23, it was probably
acquired in the 50's.

Bob Johnson

Paul Kattner wrote:

The MC&CL (Mason City and Clear Lake) flat is usually located at the
Iowa Traction Railroad shops in Emery, Iowa which is half way between
Mason City & Clear Lake. this railroad is notable as being one of
three common carrier freight railroads still using 600 volt DC
overhead wires. It has a small fleet of Baldwin-Westinghouse
Steeplecab 50 & 60 ton locomotives. The F23 flatcar still has its
heavy duty Archbar trucks and was acquired (alledgedly LaSalle &
Bureau County style) before WWII. From the late 60's to a couple of
years ago, this car sported a large platform for working on the
overhead wire. This platform was removed and mounted on one of the
other IATR flats. The cities of Mason City and Clear Lak, Iowa are
located at the Junction of U.S. Highway 18 & Interstate 35 in North
Central, Iowa.

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