Directions to St. Louis RPM Meet



Things are shaping up nicely for Saturday's RPM meet
in O'Fallon, IL. The NKP Society is a late
addition--that makes seven historical societies in
addition to the 27 or so tables of vendors. Also, Joe
Collias will attend with photos and will be our only
photo dealer this year. As of now we have 41 tables of
models scheduled--we may have many more on meet day.
Oh yeah, we managed to get some late door prizes too.
Good ones.

One last brief note on directions. I'd prefer you went
to Yahoo Maps or a similar website and got directions
on your own. However, attached below is a
much-simplified version on how to get to the center
from St. Louis.

Take I-64 east out of the city and get off of exit 14,
US 50, at O'Fallon. Take 50 east (left) at the top of
the exit ramp. Proceed east two miles and you'll pass
over North Lincoln. Continue straight over North
Lincoln and you'll see a McDonalds iummediately on
your left. Continue one more block and you'll see the
park on your left. The center is in the back of the
park. Turn left into the park and make your way to the
back of the park near the pool and you'll see the
center next to it--it's a big gray building and we've
got the whole darn thing for our meet. Just come on

Thanks to everyone for your loyal support making this
endeavor happen. I've learned a lot and made a lot of
mistakes along the way, but we're already planning
next year's St. Louis RPM Meet, which will be bigger
and better than ever.

John Golden
O'Fallon, IL


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