Re. stripping Scalecoat paint.

Edwin C Kirstatter <q1xamacarthur@...>

I use a Blasting cabinet also. It is a whole new ball game. I am not an
expert at it yet. But it does work with a whole lot less fuss and mess.
Hold your blasting nozzle at a 45 degree angle to the surface to be
cleaned of paint or corrosion. If the surface has oil or grease the
blasting medium will not penetrate. I use common play sand or beads. I
also have Aluminum oxide for a very finely finished surface. On a brass
model with lots of unreinforced flat surfaces you can warp the metal.

I haven't tried it on a plastic model yet, but if it bounces off that oil
or grease I am sure it will bounce off that plastic an take the paint
with it!

Edwin C. Kirstatter. B&O Modeler.

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