Re: Broadway Limited's PRR K7a Stock Cars

Thomas M. Olsen <tmolsen@...>

There was a number of emails regarding the upcoming release of the Broadway Limited K7A stock cars. I have to agree with Ben and others that the car definitely has a lettering problem. I compared the reproduction car listed on the site with photos from the PRR photos that I have and the car data lettering is too large. Broadway has spread them over too many of the horizontal side slats. I have also noticed that the pre-production sample on the web site, in addition to the lettering problem, also has ladders that look to be standing out too far from the car side, in addition to the other problems mention on the list before. If you look at the web site, also note that there is no listing of car numbers that are available as they had done with the N&W H2a hoppers.

I wonder if Broadway Limited is using a brass model to copy this car from, rather than using drawings and photos. Unfortunately, if they
are, then we are in trouble! The only K7/K7a that I know of was the Precision Scale brass model issued about 12 years ago which was so bad that they gave them away for $30-$40 each at the National Train Show at the Long Beach NMRA convention later on. The side slats were too narrow to letter the car properly and I know of very few people who had bought them! It is interesting that the Broadway PRR M1a/b's all had the same problem with missing trainphone tender equipment hatches that all the brass models were missing, with the exception of the Challenger models which did not miss anything!

I hope that copying brass models will not be a wave of the future as we already have a lot of equipment that suffers from lack of research. I have a buddy that calls equipment that has cast-on ladders, grab irons and other detail, including parts that are oversized, "HO Tinplate" and he refuses to buy it! I agree with him that it costs the same amount of money to make it right as it does to do it wrong!

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