Re: Broadway Limited's PRR K7a Stock Cars

Charlie Vlk

The problems with the lettering on the preproduction sample of the K7a have
been addressed.
Through the efforts and help of the PRR Modeling Committee (Greg Martin and
Ben Hom who provided PRR stencil lettering artwork) the
Broadway Limited artwork has been revised.
I followed the article and drawings and photographs in Mainline Modeler for
the original art. The factory did not correctly apply that artwork to
the sample (which is why we have samples for review!)....and in reviewing my
original art it appears that the PRR had a couple of sets of stencils as the
Hundman drawings follow the in-service style lettering but does not match
the builder's photo or the PRR stencil art provided by the committee.
By the way, in working with the factory drawings and comparing them to
photos I am confident that the K7a drawings are very close to the
prototype.....when doing artwork and lining up the various lettering and
heralds, etc.. any errors in proportion of parts and details usually jump
out at you (doors too low on a hood of a unit, louvers in the wrong
position, window locations, etc...). I had no problem matching up either
set of artwork with the prototype lettering....including width of boards and
especially something as obvious as their number and spacing!
Just thought you and the list might like this little insight into the R&D
process for a model and how at least one company (with their posting of the
L&P artwork and preproduction samples) handles development and correction of
art and sample models.
Charlie Vlk
Broadway Limited

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