Re: FtDDM & S 15103 & Tichy

Mark Heiden

Hi Jim,

I believe these cars were USRA double-sheathed boxcars that were
rebuilt with steel sides by the Rock Island. The FtDDMS (and other
Salzberg roads) picked up hundreds of second hand wood and steel
boxcars in the 1950s and 1960s.

Mark Heiden

--- In, "James Harr" <bnchmark@e...> wrote:
Greetings group;

While surfing yesterday I came across a Jim Sands photo of FtDDM &
S boxcar
15103. This car looks close to the Tichy kit for a USRA SS steel-
re-build. Would this kit be appropriate for modeleing this car? I
don't have
an ORER (yet) so I can't confirm any details of the car. The only
thing that
looks like it might give me trouble is the center-sill; it appears
to be a
fish-belly type, but I might be able to use an Accurail center sill
(or does
Tichy make that type of sill also?). Any opinions? Also curious as
to decal
availability/manufacturer etc...

Thanks in advance;

Jim Harr

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