Re: NKP double door box/Creco double doors/ NKP freight car photos

Jeff Coleman

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Keith Retterer has builders photo negatives for the NKP double door
box car recently discussed.

I considered buying those prints but the lot was small, not very
representitive of NKP cars.

I have a smaller print from somewhere else, PA state museum I
My recollection is that as built the cars had Creco doors which is
not common for double door box cars.

The only other double door box car I can think of with Creco doors
RDG, an even smaller lot than the NKP cars. These RDG cars are
gems -
flat roof, Alan wood roof walks AND CRECO DOUBLE DOORS. I think
were rebuilt from USRA single sheathed box cars.

My recollection is that NKP rebuilt some double sheathed box cars
(probably double door box cars) into steel sided double door cars
around 1949. These could have had a diagonal panel roof and
drednaught ends.

Arnold Menke has at least 10 negatives of official NKP freight car
photos taken by the railroad at various times. Don't recall if he
negatives of this double door car but he has several photos of
classic straight side gon. I was also very impressed with a photo
an NKP stock car. A few weeks ago someone asked about NKP's 65 ft.
mill gon. He has a negative for that (I don't have that print). He
also has a photo of one of NKP's homebuilt covered hoppers (don't
have that one either).


You are correct about a small order of NKP double door cars with
Creco doors. My NKP diagram book only has one group with Creco doors.
#s 88000-88045 and 87000-87099. These were 50 ton cars built by
Ralston in June/July 1937. Cars had Viking roof with wood running
board and Dreadnaught ends (cars 87000-87024 had A-end door. These
drawings only revised three times 1939, 1942 & 1948.

Jeff Coleman

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