Re: mystery Erie box car

Schuyler Larrabee

If/When Brian goes to see this car, maybe he can
confirm or disprove something I've read about
these cars, that the side sheets were attached to
the car with Flat Head Wood Screws driven into the
wood siding, which was left in place, into
countersunk holes in the steel sheets. If that's
true, what was the spacing on the screws? How
thick were the sheets of steel? For the truly
obsessive, what number screws were they? ;^)


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I'd always wondered what the deal was with this

Guess that explains it. Thanks!

Rob Daniels
New York, NY

--- ed_mines <ed_mines@...> wrote:

The mystery Erie box car is from the 71,000 or
series of what I
call "rebuilt" Erie box cars. These were
originally single sheathed
auto box cars which were later sided with
steel sheets and somehow
reclassified as "steel" box cars. The sides
were rivet free and the
cars retained wood doors.

There were some pictures of these cars in the
RMC article
on Rochester
subways and Charles Winters & Dan Biernacki
offered a big, roster
style photos of these cars. John LaRue has
serveral photos of these
car converted to MOW service (the car in the
photo has a window so
must have been in MOW service).

Some of these cars were sold to a railroad in
(Winters photo),
some to AC&Y (Bob's photos photo).

There were 2 series with only slightly
different capacities and the
ends are different. I suspect that this car is
from the
less numerous,
higher numbered series (72,500- 72,999?).


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