Re: Working on the ends

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Thank you all for the plethora of good ideas and workarounds on this common problem. Although I am vowing to actually make a clamp much as Jon Miller describes, the china mug idea is so dirt simple obvious that I have already put it to work!

Marty McG's inverted cone is intriguing.

That I should watch my words and syntax when Tony Thompson is reading is a lesson that I relearn too often. Can I indeed crawl and type on the internet at the same time? No, but I can alternate (;-).

Good tweezers: a hot topic. The errant retainer valve was the direct result of being held in inadequate tweezers in one hand, while holding the car in the second, and simultaneous applying ACC with the third.

Jack Burgess's Swiss-made Vigor tweezers are among the best. DuMont is the another good name.

My best tweezers were acquired when I was a young medical intern some 40 years ago. A bad habit common to high strung surgeons of the day was to take out operative frustrations on the nearest object not the patient- the instruments at hand. More instruments would go flying across the room accompanied by imprecations and "bad language", always with a comment that whatever was not going right was the fault of "that lousy scalpel. clamp, tweezers, etc. (fill in the blanks)". Well, these instruments, once thrown, could never be used again, and,,,,, there was almost ever nothing wrong with them! Well, yours truly, impecunious , promptly swept these tools up at the end of the surgery into my modeling toolbox; and yet today, although now a little worse for wear, they still form the center of my most reliable modeling tools.

BTW, throwing operative instruments today would result in a suspension- as it should have years ago as well.


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