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Brett Whelan


Thank you for your detailed reply.

When will this new book be out?

Thanks again
Brett Whelan

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On Thursday, August 26, 2004, at 01:25 PM, Brett
Whelan wrote:

Can someone please tell me how to read the notes
the photo sources column of the 1932 ARA Box Car
Roster on the Steam freight cars site.

Eg, what do the following mean,
-WINTERS,MG84 (I assume its a mag.)?
These shorthand notations are my own personal photo
sources. MG84 means
Model Railroading 1984 (normally there's also a
month and page no.
listed). MM means Mainline Modeler. RJ means
Railmodel Journal. "CB"
means Car Builders' Cyclopedia (followed by the year
and page number).
A number of photos are references to builder's
photos. MV means Mount
Vernon. Any individual's name listed is either the
photographer (i.e.,
Will Whittaker, Joe Collias, etc.) or they are
photos from the
collection of the individual. Example: The
"MV(Collias)" means a Mount
Vernon builder's photo in which Joe Collias has a
negative and from
whom I purchased a print. "Crawford (TRRA)" refers
to Frank Crawford,
who was a Terminal RR of St. Louis employee that
took photos of various
freight cars (and other subjects) when there had
been some type of
accident on TRRA property. This TRRA accident photo
collection of
photos is at the Museum of Transportation in St.
Louis. "Winters" is
Charles E. Winters who once offered prints available
for purchase of
photos taken by George Sisk. However, Mr. Winters no
longer makes
prints. The term "PS/SI" means Pullman-Standard,
Institution. For $25.00 each, anyone can purchase
photos from the
"Haskell and Barker Collection" that includes many
hundreds of Pullman
builder's photos from the 1930s to 1956. "Lorenz"
means Bob Lorenz.
"Bob's" means Bob's Photo, who is Bob Liljestrand
that is in business
to sell railroad photos.

The listed photos may or may not be able to be
obtained at this time.
Certainly any published photos can be viewed by
looking at the
particular issue. Some collections of individuals
have already been
broken up or are generally not available. For
example, Will Whittaker
has sold his negatives and they have gone to a
number of different
people. Bob Lorenz has also sold off many of his
negatives. Some of
individuals who have purchased the negatives do not
make the photos
available for sale. Others are in business to sell
photos, including
several that regularly attend the Sunshine Prototype
Modeler's Seminar
at Naperville, Illinois each year.

For the 1932 ARA box cars, we will soon have
available a book authored
by Ted Culotta that will illustrate many of the
photos in this list as
well as others that Ted has located that I have
personally not located
or purchased.
Ed Hawkins

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