Re: same old running board question question

Brett Whelan

Hi Mike,

So would of it of been common to see some cars with
some of the boards replaced painted and the other
running boards on the car with no paint on them
(either not painted at all or flaked off)?

This could look very interesting on a model.

As for the conversation with Bob, I for one would be
interested in reading this.

Brett Whelan.

--- Michael Aufderheide <maufderheideyfp@...>


Last year at the Monon Society meeting Bill Darnaby
was nice enough to introduce me to Bob Schultz. Bob
was in the car dept. of the Monon starting in 1947
had a lot of interesting information to share and
loves to talk about it. Bill asked him this very
question about the wood to which Bob replied that
Monon would not be paid for a wood repair unless it
was painted, So every piece of wood they applied to
any car was painted, including running boards. He
also aknowledged that 1. the paint didn't last too
long up there and 2. that it was contrary to common
sense to paint the running board as someone was more
likely to slip on a painted board than an unpainted
board in the rain.

Was there an AAR rule about this?

The conversation with Bob was interesting enough
my memory bad enough!) that I typed it up when I got
home. I'd be happy to post or e-mail the whole
(one page) if anyone is interested.



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