Re: Working on the ends

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

SGL inquires whether or not I ever found the retainer valve-

No. I ended up stealing one from another kit.

Kindred to Bill Darnaby's annual summer porch resin kit construction program, I too reserve my resin kit building for the balmy summer evenings on the porch of our summer cottage some 1600 miles away from home (and I have no idea where I might find the nearest hobby shop). To do this, I have assembled the world's largest collection of 3rd and 4th rate 3rd world tools and geejaws, one of which propelled the retainer valve to------ where?? The car that I was finishing is a gorgeous Sunshine Sand Springs Rwy. rebuilt single sheathed car (an appropriate car inasmuch as an uncle was the railway's long standing general counsel).

My next car is a Sunshine vinegar car. I have Bill Darnaby's excellent writeup on hand, and already his superb notes have saved me much grief. Challenging car. I thank Tim O'C for his timely color photo of the prototype.

Mont Switzer is a truly great modeler, but working on the ends upside down has to be sheer legerdemain. Mont, do you lie on your back?

SGLs exclusive use of self closing forceps for fine work, and Mike Brock's exclusive use of pliers for the same thing commands my utter respect. The former would seem so anti-intuitive for most of us that I would be afraid to try, and the latter would seem to only compound one's inherent clumsiness. That both gentlemen are extremely fine modelers of course belies this conventional wisdom.

The workers in the fine Japanese model making shops that produced the best of Tenshodo, United, and lot of other pretty fine brass models were often depicted using soldering irons the size of small baseball bats, the design of which forced them to hold them about 6-10" from the tip. Yet, the skills of these people was such that the solderwork of the time often surpasses by wide margins the quality and fine-ness current production using miniature resistance soldering tweezers.


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