Re: Basic Skills or ATTITUDE?

Alan Gilchrist <rag1957@...>

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I think some of you have forgotten that model railroding is a hobby!
It doesn't matter if you run RTR or all scratch built rolling stock.
This is just something we do because we like it! I got started with
RTR, Tyco & AHM (35 yrs. ago) now its mostly resin kits. I try
to "sale" this hobby to everybody I come in contact with. I tell them
they don't have to build kits to get started. If you get the right
attitude you'll develope your skills.
I've still got a bunch of Athearn cars that allowed me to build up a couple of trains that I can run around the layout while modified and kit built cars show up as replacements, at least when I had a layout..., at least soon I have temp. track down when the new benchwork is complete.


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