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Hi Don,

I have a current beef with the Trix models you see in the adds
of some
mags, especially the Mikado and the PA1, that beef is the list
price which
at $ 600 (us) is just a bit too expensive for my taste, and since
mention that the model is "die cast", it gets me thinking that
these models
are for the collector type that would buy die cast collectibles and

Marklin, who Trix is the 2 rail DC version of, has been building die
cast locos for years. Not a "collectors market" per se, but then I
do have a friend here in town that operates 1950s-60s Marklin
(updated with decoders) locos with no problems due to the robust
nature of their models.

German modellers have some of the same "beefs" as we do with some
shortcuts in their offerings. Weinert of Germany make upgrade kits
to solve some of these issues. Also some kitbash and improvement
ideas including for RTR cars in magazines such as MIBA (we are not
the only ones who like freightcars).

Garrett Rea
Nashville, TN

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