Taking Photos of WIP (was RE: Skills and going public)

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Digital cameras are great. I try and take photos of everything I make at as
many stages as I can. Photos don’t cost anything, and they are very quick to
take – assuming you have good lighting at your workbench *

I’ve never published an article, but it has been helpful for the stuff I
post on my web site.

* I have converted most of my shop lighting to Full Spectrum fluorescents
like those I use in my layout room. I have a few pages here showing
comparisons and whatnot. Click on the comparison links on the left.



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Or better yet write an article about something
you can share with us and we can spend our time reading... "FEED
This is what I am troubled about. When I have finished a project I
still have all the details in my mind. I would be able to write it
down. Sometimes I have done so and e-mailed it to a friend. But for
writing an article I would have needed to take photos during the
project to make it clear what was before and how I modified it. And
that is what I don't do. And in the end I feel not in the position to
create an article. Duh.

Not that my modelling is even up to what a magazine would think of
but that lack of evidence prevents it anyway.

How many of us have thought: Hey, this project came out real
gorgeous! Wished I had taken photos while doing it. Now I don't feel
able to publish it.

Déja vu?

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