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We all seem to want to compare our hobby to others like Military Modelers for
example and the show how model railroading offers more of a challenge because
they just produce static models and we don't?... Sorry I know one individual
who does just that and then, well you know the rest of the story, you've all
seen the For Sale signs...

The point we all miss is that it is how we choose to spend our time in OUR
hobby. How much of that time is enlisted in research and what is spent in
modeling or how much is just spent at the computer as a cyber-modeler... YIKES!

Marty sez...

" I'm speaking of a "real" model railroad of any size) requires a level of
commitment, energy, time, money, knowledge, and sheer determination that
deserves to be praised, not ridiculed because there are other, better modelers who
paint weld lines on static airplanes."

First of all there are not many military aircraft with weld lines that I can
think of, plenty of seams and flushed rivets though ... and yes they do
"enhance" those seams just as I have for years on my Model Railroad equipment, but
hey, I stole it from the armor guys... #^) But let me ask you all, do you
think that there is any less commitment on the part of a Military Modeler who
chooses to spend his hobby hours modeling just to compete in the IPMS Nationals as
my nephew has done just recently and for his commitment he won first place in
aircraft and second place in armor at the IPMS Nationals 2004. Oh yea, he is
about 13 years of age. I don't know of too many guys that have built models
with scale interiors in their freight equipment, except a couple... Oranges was
the subject I think ... simulated floor trusses ... and ice bunkers with
simulated ice ... now that's a level of achievement not forged every day by most
model railroaders... #^)

Jeeze, half of us here aren't willing to install train lines and brake
rigging we want it either "built up" or just cut it from the sprue, screw that Cal
Scale Brake Gear set...

Jeeze, you guys are a hard crowd to please ... and the line is long and you
just stand there facing each other off... Go back to the bench and build
something and quit acting Holier than thou... And in your off time pick up a book
and research your Railroad and if you don't have the book ... buy it! Invest in
your free time and your hobby. Or better yet write an article about something
you can share with us and we can spend our time reading... "FEED YOUR HEAD..."

Greg "RATSO" Martin

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For Greg "RATSO" Martin - Your comments are right on target ! No hobby or any other worthwhile endeavor needs elitists ! - Hank Englisch

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