Re: Basic Skills, RTR vs. Kit

Marty McGuirk <mac@...>

To further this discussion I agree with Jim that the RPI "Dot" system (I can't keep track of which is which, Green, Tan, or some other color) is a great idea. The simple fact of the matter is the rolling stock is one of the easiest things to upgrade on a model railroad -- and one of the most fun. In the early stages of layout construction it's more important in many ways to spend more time on the track, wiring, scenery etc. . . . to complete the basic "outline" of the picture.

Then you can go back and upgrade as time and/or interest dictates.

To get this back more on topic -- I need 6-8 CV vans -- I have a couple of "okay" brass models, and all the resin kits I need to finish these things up. But I don't want to rush them, and I need something to put behind my trains. Enter the Walthers "GT" caboose -- which is close in overall lines to a CV van -- no, not exact, but good enough to be a "Brown" or whatever color dot that's supposed to be. Adding a new cupola (the resin vans include two, so I'm just using one of those) to the Walthers car gets it reasonably close for layout use.

Once the layout is far enough along and I'm looking for a fun project I'll dig out all the reference material, those resin kits, and other detail parts, and build a proper fleet. By that time maybe my present "stand ins" can wind up on some other friends layout.

And yes, I enjoy reviews of freight cars as well.


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