Re: Gun Flats

Bob Johnson <bobjohnson@...>


Well, there were the following flat cars rebuilt from gondolas: FGR,
FGR-1, FGR-2, FGR-3, FGRa, FG27, FG27a, and FG27b. And, flat cars
rebuilt from box car underframes - FXL. I don't know of any gondolas
rebuilt from flat cars. Would you settle for a gondola rebuilt from a
box car underframe - the truly weird GXL? And then, there's the cabin
cars rebuilt from box cars - the eagerly-awaited NX23.

Bob Johnson wrote:

The pennsy had a way with words that doesn't always follow logic. Like
calling hopper cars type "G." And yes I know the genesis of the letter
"G" usage. I also don't know how the Pennsy works.

Didn't the Pennsy also use "FG" classes for flat cars built from gons?
Or was it GF for gons built from flat cars? Or all of above? None?

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