Re: Suggestions for removing errant super glue

Rob Adams


Thanks to all for your help with this. I tried Acetone and also my daughter's nail polish remover to no avail. This was just one of those deals where it was too smurfed up to recover. Perhaps if I'd tried to disolve it before mangling up the screw head. Drilled it out, then used an Exacto with a chisel blade to break the glued joint along the body - underframe joint. It put up quite a fight. At least it is apart. I may try to gently remove the spots on the paint, but I suspect it will take whats underneath as well. Probably time for a bath in MEK.

I've come to the conclusion that Super Glue should only be sold to professional modelers for assembling resin kits and other limited uses. As we know, it is not a cure-all for every detached component in the universe. I spent two hours yesterday cleaning ACC residue out of cold solder joints on a brass steamer so I could spend five minutes with the resistance soldering unit to fix them the right way. Maddening.

Enough of my rant. Thanks again for your help.

Best regards, Rob Adams

Jim or Lisa Hayes wrote:

There are "super Solvents" available in the ACC section of your hobby shop.
I think it's basically nail polish remover.

Jim Hayes
Portland OR

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