Re: Lumber box cars at Flagstaff, early 1920s

Scott Pitzer

I can say this much-- the guide said there was a time when there were two small communities, "Flagstaff" north of the tracks and "Milltown" south of the tracks. The Mansion is south and west from downtown, at the edge of Northern Arizona University, which was originally the "Normal School" funded by the Riordans (who owned AL&T.) And there were company operations in this area, but I didn't hear or read anything about when they came to an end.
Oh yeah-- the mansion was designed by the Santa Fe's architect who had just done "El Tovar" at the Grand Canyon...
Scott Pitzer

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At the Riordan Mansion State Park in Flagstaff, there are a couple of
panoramic photos of Arizona Land & Timber operations in the early 1920s Box cars
(All 40' I believe although I did not look carefully for 36' cars--
definitely no 50' cars)

Did the photos say which sawmill they were taken at? The Kaibab Mill just
west and south of Flagstaff was best know for it's pine finished goods. It closed
in the mid 1980's.


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