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Thomas Baker

The decals are indeed old. I am not sure when Enhorning produced them, but I think it was the late Sixties and early Seventies. In any case, they work when treated with the Microsoft decal preservative--its name now escapes me--or sprayed with Dullcote. Using one or the other of these products, I have applied about four or five sets to different cars. I have also applied one or two sets without using the products, but sometimes that does not work.



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I am glad I bought a PS1 from Kaslo. If I could only figure out what to
decal it for and who has those decals!

I posted the data in the following link shortly after the Kaslo car became available:

Since then, I became aware of the old Enhorning decals made available by Milepost 169, but have not yet taken the time to add all of those sets, which, unfortunately, are the only source of lettering for many additional roads not listed on that page. Did I mention those decals are old?

Earl Tuson

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