Re: ACC debonder

Dean Payne <deanpayne@...>

I've used a commercial AC debonder from Bob Smith industries on resin
with no ill effects. I was able to remove some drop grabs that
should have been straight, and replace them with the proper type.
This was on the end, fairly thick resin, but I didn't want to have to
live with my mistake. (This was on an F&C CV box, I think I
misinterpreted a drawing and didn't trust the instructions. I did
something dumb, whatever it was!)
The stuff does not smell like nail polish remover, so I think it is a
totally different formula.
Dean Payne

--- In STMFC@..., "Terry Roberts" <robertst@t...> wrote:
Is there a chemical solvent or de-bonder that might assist my job.
I'd prefer to avoid drilling the screw out. Thanks in advance.

Acetone works pretty good for debonding fingers, probably not very
good for the paint, most definitely not good for plastic. I believe
there are commercial debonders available at hobby shops. I don't
know the pros and cons of these.

Terry Roberts
In the Pacific NW

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