Loose ends

Clark Propst <cepropst@...>

The local modelers/railfans here get together every month or so. Last
night I said to Soph Marty, "You're having fun with your new scanner
aren't you." His answer was an enthusiastic yes! He went on to say "That
guy out in Oregon is even writing back to tell me all about the freight
cars! He seems to be all excited over them?" Soph's into O scale narrow
gauge, so he has trouble understanding.

I asked a conductor friend about a couple of questions that were
brought up on this group.
1) Back in plain bearing days did you repair hot boxes on site? Answer,
We didn't carry the equipment. We had some special lube sticks ( I
forgot the name). After the fire was out we would put several of these (
I forgot the number) in the journal and then drop the car off at the
nearest siding.
Part A) If you were to change the brass on site how big of jacks would
you need? Answer, Not that big, you only were lifting the weight off of
one end of one axle and only enough to slip the old brass out and slide
the new brass in.

2) Where did all the meat reefers actually end up, who were the real
customers? This fella started on the Milw, so he's been involved with
all the major meat packers in the upper midwest. I'll make his very long
and interesting story short. Answer, East. The meat was funneled into
Chicago to the EJ&E, IHB or BRC. These roads would transfer blocks
across town on schedules in a guaranteed time, big recipient was the
NKP. So, Different railroads would gathers meat from different packing
houses (all cars same company). Then block them for the transferring RR
(cars mixed up). These RR's would reblock them again with other RR's
cars before handing them off. Final destination? Large cold storage
facilities east? I'm not done with this question yet!

Freight car colors, I always thought it was strange that there were
never any color discussions on this group, now I now why! I'll will let
a picture talk for me, look at the color of the three cars in the SD
Marty shot of ACY 2126 John posted.

Thanks for your time,

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