Re: Hi All

Richard Hendrickson

Hi All

I am new to the group.I am Bill, 39, a Slobbering Pennsy Fraek and an
S Scaler. I am glad to see that "discussions" about frieght car color
is not just a SPF thing. I am very interested in freight cars. Check
out my website if you like X-29s.
Gee, we already have one Bill on the list who's an SPF. But at least he
doesn't model in S scale. How many S scalers do we have now? I know of
Jeff English and Earl Tuson, and it seems to me there's at least one other.
I'm not sure there are many more S scalers than that in the whole world
(excluding tinplaters, of course). And how can anyone "like" X29s? What
can you say in favor of a box car design where ALL the bodies rusted out at
the eaves? Still, there were so many of 'em that we've got to model the
damned things. Thank God for Red Caboose.

Seriously, Bill, welcome aboard. Welcome to the list where everyone KNOWS
what color 1940s Pennsy oxide red was (but unlike some of the
self-appointed PRR experts, we're modest about it).

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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