Re: CNJ Class XAa/PRR Class X28 Article in RMJ

Greg Martin

billlane@... writes:
It is his contention from tonight's conversation that the editor at RMC
shredded his original article and left out key drawings and photos that would have
filled the article out. Another recently published article of his in Model
Railroader was severely chopped and changed the whole focus of it. I am not able
to say if the inclusion of the deleted material would have made it completely
without errors.

I have never heard of a hack job from RMC but others yes ... there is always
a first time. I would think that Ted Culotta might disagree with you... I can
tell you I have never experienced that with RMC ... food for thought!
However as most here know, and is the very core purpose of this group,
finding sources for correct prototype information that are also willing to share it
can be very difficult. I know this all too well on finding plans for the brass
car projects I have been involved with.
There are those that share and those that don't. Why they don't share is
beyond me as in the long run the information is found their lack of sharing leaves
them with no recognition. There are many that you describe that are that way
but for the most part not found here. That doesn't mean they are willing to do
all your research for you but usually will head in the right direction to
find it.

Now, if Ben would have only have done his X29 article about 18-months sooner,
your life would have been a lot easier... 3^)

Greg Martin

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