Troop Sleepers

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Hi All,

I was wondering if any of you might have information regarding WWII era
Troop Sleepers and Kitchen cars manufactured by Pullman and ACF
respectively. I have seen the available info at the Cannonball site
(selling HO kits) and the NEB&W site. I am particularly looking for
diagrams of the underside of the car to locate steam and brake lines.

I am told a troop sleeper resides at the B&O musuem in Baltimore (Their web
site is next to useless) - anyone have photographs?

I know that the Southeastern R museum in Duluth Ga (atlanta) has a Kitchen
car - I have photos and will be back there soon to craawl all over that

Any other information that you think might be helpful would be most welcome
- I'm building up a train of the Cannonball cars and am at the detailing

Happy Rails

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