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The Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society webpage is
not .com. The .com site includes Russell Crump's extensive collection of
Santa Fe material, but the Society's stuff is at .org or .net.

Eric Hiser

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Ted sez:
The response often given to would-be PFE modelers
applies equally as well here: "Buy the book!"

There is an excellent book on the SFRD fleet that is a
required part of any railroad library. It answers the
question you posed, plus many, many others. (I don't
have it in front of me so I can't answer your
question) It is available from some hobby shops and
also from the Santa Fe HS. While you're at it, you
should complete the hat trick by getting the other two
books on ATSF box cars and auto/furniture cars. There
are others as well, including stock cars, freight car
rosters and lettering, although some are more for the
dedicated ATSF modeler.
So Ted,

What would be the name of "the book" <G>? I just checked the historical
society web page ( and both the box car and
furniture car books are listed and in stock...the reefer book is not listed
at all.

Happy Rails

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