Looking for material sources

Mark P.

As a recent lurker, I'm not aware of many sources of photos, etc. that are available, especially before the mid '30s. I know of Art Griffin and Bob's Photos. What other sources of photos are there?

What clinics/conferences are worthwhile and when/where are they? I missed Naperville (wasn't aware of it), and it's not that far for me. Florida might be an option if I can finagle a work-related reason to be down that way.

I have the misfortunate (pleasure?) of modeling what has been described the best unknown road of the NYC System - the T&OC and subsidiaries/affiliates K&M/K&WV/Z&W/M&NE (not the Michigan version)/BR,SC&A, so material is rather sparse. I'm sure I can find quite a bit lurking in the background of the ICC valuation photos at the Allen County (Lima) Historical Library - time for another trip back to Ohio and to Lima.

Mark Plank
northern Indiana

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<snip>something at Naperville next fall?<snip>

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