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Scott Pitzer

How about if we chip in and buy the mystery car from Andy S. and then we can run a DNA test on a sample of the plastic?
Scott Pitzer

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In HO scale, the best 1937 box car models came from IMWX, which
become the basis for Red Caboose. Intermountain later tooled a
10'0" inside height car with a separate 4/5 W-corner end. None
of the above is an accurate representation of the Bx-37!

Andy Miller wrote: "Could Andy S have been referring to the LifeLike toy train line and not their P2K?"

No Andy, the cars I'm talking about had all the separately applied grabs, ladders, and underbody parts you'd expect from Proto-2000, but all these comments have got me wondering now just who did make them. They are 1937 AAR cars with
W-section corner posts (rounded corners) that came painted as Santa Fe Bx37s in 12 different numbers. With the detail changes I mentioned earlier I think they are pretty accurate.

When I was down in the basement this morning I was actually doing some modeling, so I didn't try to unpack these cars and see if I could tell who made them. If it sounds more like something from Red Caboose or InterMountain, I wouldn't argue the point.

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