Re: RPM National 2005

Des Norman

I may be a rookie as far as freight cars are concerned, but I do know
that Jersey cows are named after Jersey, one of the group of Channel
Islands off the south coast of England - and not NJ.

BTW, does anyone know of any definite info or photo's of the Ma & Pa's
milk cars?
(STMFC content <g>)

Des Norman
Perth, Scotland

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@c...> wrote:

BTW, when I speak of Cincinnati pizza, I only speak of LaRosas.
The other
stuff is pretty ordinary. LaRosa came here from NJ in the 50s.
Being a Jersey boy, I can state without equivocation that NJ pizza
is second to none. New Haven pizza?? C'mon. They ain't got no stinkin'
tomatoes in Connecticut! Jersey practically invented tomatoes! Cheese
too! (You never heard of a Jersey cow?)

Many a can of Campbell's tomato soup was loaded into box cars in
Camden, NJ...

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