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On Saturday, September 11, 2004, at 01:29 PM, Joe Binish wrote:

I am trying to find a set of plans for the GN 37 wood sheathed cars of 37
design. The 4/38 MR has a set, but the hobby shops in this area don't carry
50+ year old back issues(go figure). Sunshine makes several kits, but the
group I hang out with needs about 150 cars, so $30 a pop is rather spendy.
Our idea was to buy the RC kit(at a greatly reduced price!), buzz of the
sides and cast the wood side. The plans would help with the masters for the
sides. These guys are Goat Nuzzlers, but they say their "society" doesn't
have em. Anybody got a set squirreled away?
AC&F drawings are available for these cars from the Museum of Transportation's collection. The AC&F drawings were actually made from Pullman-Standard drawings as reverse sepia copies (white line on a brown background), then modified slightly per the way AC&F constructed the cars. There are drawings for the side construction (6147495, a paper copy in very fragile condition), underframe and brake arrangement (6147494), and a drawing containing various steel details, including brake parts (4147707). These drawings are atypical to the vast majority of AC&F drawings that normally had an AC&F title block and were drawn by AC&F personnel. There are also a couple of smaller detail drawings showing the crossbearer diaphragms and bolster cover plates.

In addition to the above, it is my understanding that the Illinois Railway Museum has "uncovered" a large stash of P-S original freight car drawings that likely came from their Michigan City facility. I've recently been in contact with Ted Anderson, Curator of the IRM Library. Ted is working on cataloguing these drawings. I've been helping him define the lot numbers and other aspects of the cars. It's possible that the IRM may have these same drawings created by Pullman-Standard, but they would be the original drawings and easier to copy. The AC&F drawings from lot 1675 show the P-S drawing numbers (from P-S lot 5565) so it might not be difficult to locate the original P-S drawings at the IRM. In any event, the drawings in the MOT collection might work for you. These drawings would be a heck of a lot better than what appeared in any modeling magazine. If you want to pursue this, contact me off list.
Ed Hawkins

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