Railroad ID help, please, GF&A Ry

Schuyler Larrabee

Help please.

I just went to look at a house in my neighborhood
which is on the market. Curious about that house,
so took the opportunity to see what was there.
Old house, only two families in it since 1885.

It's still furnished, and on the wall in a study
was a panorama photo, probably 10" high by 60" or
more wide. It shows a harbor off to the left, an
urban scene mid-right, with a new power plant at
the extreme right. The harbor is full of sailing
ships, no steamers that I could find, though the
room was not the best lit I've seen (which has
probably been good for the photo over the years).

It is annotated with GF&A features, "Marine
Terminal, Clssification Yard, Passenger and
Freight Station."

Several businesses have their names painted on the
facades, which will help:

Uneeda Biscuit (fairly common, I'd guess)
West Florida Grocery Company (probably locally
The Lewis Bear Company, Wholesale Groceries (also
locally specific, maybe)
W A Ray Hardware Company
Gautensen & Morrill, Riggers and Sailmakers

This New England mind thought: "Gainesville,
(mumble) and Atlanta?" Well, don't laugh,
Floridians, I already found out that Gainesville's
not on the coast, and this place is. So that's
not it. Unless the "A" is the coastal city, or
the "F" is.

I checked out my 1984 copy of Edson's "Railroad
Names" which lists
Georgia, Florida & Alabama, and
Gulf, Florida & Alabama,
So those are possibilities. But what port would I
be looking at?


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