Re: Railroad ID help, please, GF&A Ry

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Lee B Singletary wrote:

This is the Gulf, Florida & Alabama in Pensacola, Florida. The giveaway
is the The Lewis Bear Company. They are a local distributor in
Pensacola. Still there in in 1997 before we moved away. The GF&A wound
up under St. Louis-San Fransisco.

Lee Singletary
Former Pensacola resident
Au contraire, according to pages 1694-1695 of the 1930 MOODY's STEAM RAILROADS. The Seaboard Air Line leased the properties of the Georgia, Florida & Alabama Railroad Company for 99 years effective January 1st, 1928. The GF&A owned 192.13 miles of track between Carrabelle FL through Tallahassee and Richland GA (180.90 miles), and between Havana and Quincy FL (11.23 miles). The company discontinued its steamship on January 1st, 1923 between Carrabelle & Apalachicola FL.

Tim Gilbert

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