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Mike and All ,I have an Intermountain ATSF Bx-37 40803-18 lettered for
the Scout ........Car # 146925.Wish I had more.Armand Premo

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Andy Sperandeo writes:

"Okay, I dug out some of my Bx37s (ATSF boxcars) this weekend. The
finished models have no maker's marks and I've long since disposed of the
kit boxes. They definitely don't match the InterMountain 10'-0"
inside-height boxcar, so I guess they must be Red Caboose 10'-6" i.h.

Tip toing into this discussion, I would note that I happen to have two
Intermountain 10'6" High AAR Bx-37 unopened boxes. The
cars are in series 40803 and I assume 12 different cars were done because my
two are: -09 and -05. The cars have round cornered ends. Car #146963 is
lettered "El Capitan" with A.T.S.F. letters. Car #143701 is lettered "The
Scout" with A.T.S.F. Both are lettered "new-12-41". Car #144028 lettered for
"Super Chief" with A.T.S.F. was seen in Harriman this morning headed west
[ MT probably ]. I believe 2 more are somewhere on Sherman Hill. The place
is still covered up for the unwelcome visit from Frances. I also have one
car from series 40817, car-09 numbered 147174, lettered "Ship and Travel"
with ATSF and a WC-12-49 reweigh date.

Mike Brock

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