NYC, P&LE & IHB AAR 1937 Boxcars - Re-visited

Brett Whelan

Hi Guys,

A couple of months back I posted a question about
brake mechanisms for NYC, P&LE & IHB on AAR 1937 10'
IH cars.

Jeff Engish gave me an excellent reply (see below),
but was unable to help with the IHB, since I'm a IHB
modeler I do sort of need this information (you guys
know how it is!), so I posted a question on the IHB
yahoo list, no luck (this list is mostly concern with
current stuff)

I then went back through all the pics I have, again
and again- still no luck

My last desperate quest is that maybe the NYC yahoo
list might help.

So the question(s) is -

Can one of the fine standing members of this group
that is also a member of the NYC list please ask these
question for me. Please.

1) Lot 729-B, IHB 10000 - 10599 AAR 1937 10' IH what
sort of Brake mechanism was fitted to these cars.

2) What sort of brake steps was fitted to the below

Lot 682-B, P&LE 30000 - 30499
Lot 683-B, P&LE 30500 - 30999
Lot 697-B, P&LE 35000 - 35899
Lot 703-B, NYC 157000 - 158072
Lot 729-B, IHB 10000 - 10599

Thanks again,
Brett Whelan.

--- In STMFC@..., Brett Whelan
<brettwhelan@y...> wrote:
I currently modeling a fleet of AAR 1937 10' IH
boxcars in NYC, P&LE & IHB.

Does anybody know the type of brake wheel/ housings
that were fitted to these cars. Nearly all of the
photos I have of these cars are shot from the A end
I'm unable to make out the brake wheel.
I have observed the folllowing hand brake mechanisms
(it's more than
just a wheel!):

Lot 682-B, P&LE 30000 - 30499: Ajax
Lot 683-B, P&LE 30500 - 30999: Champion-Peacock
Lot 697-B, P&LE 35000 - 35899: ?
Lot 703-B, NYC 157000 - 158072: Ajax
Lot 729-B, IHB 10000 - 10599: ?, <not> Ajax

In general, NYC seems to have really liked the Ajax
after the war,
but these cars were all built earlier of course.

Hope this helps -

Jeff English
Troy, New York

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